Full of a range of inventions, patents, and cutting-edge machinery, the fake Rolex 4130 automatic timing movement USES a more efficient vertical clutch system rather than the more common lateral clutch system. As a result, the tendency for the chronograph hand to jitter is eliminated. Besides, using the chronograph functionality doesn’t affect the watch’s timekeeping capabilities. What’s more, compared to the Cal. 4030, the Cal. 4130 boasts a longer power reserve of 72 hours. In the end, since the Caliber 4130 uses fewer screws and parts than its predecessor, it’s not hard for watchmakers to service at all.
The new Caliber 4130 movements made their debut in a brand new collection of Daytona watches, this time with six-digit reference numbers. The Daytona watch, driven by an internal movement, retains most of the same design, such as featuring a 40mm oyster shell and a spiral-down push rod and crown.
However, thanks to the new movement, the dial included some modifications. Most notably, the subdials at 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock switched positions so that the running seconds now sits at 6 o’clock. Apart from that, the three registers are spread a little further apart compared to the ones on the Zenith Daytona watches.
As far as the model styles are concerned, there are plenty to choose from within the six-digit Daytona collection. There’s the stainless steel Daytona ref. 116520, the two-tone yellow gold and steel Daytona ref. 116523, the yellow gold Daytona ref. 116528 and ref. 116508, and the white gold Daytona ref. 116529 and ref. 116509.
For leather strap Daytona models, there’s the yellow gold Daytona ref. 116518 and the white gold Daytona ref. 116519. What’s more, a first for the Daytona collection, in 2008 Rolex added an Everose edition with the Daytona ref. 116505. Eventually, Rolex replica watches also made a few ultra-lavish gem-set versions such as the Daytona “Rainbow” watches, the Daytona “Leopard,” and platinum Daytona watches blanketed with diamonds. This is really such a charming item of the In-House Movement Rolex Daytona watches.

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